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Action Alert: Oppose exemption for corporate hog farming

From BOLD Nebraska:

Our tradition of family farming in Nebraska is under attack right now. A bill (LB 176) that could come up for a vote any day now in the Nebraska Legislature would allow meatpackers — like the Chinese-owned meatpacking company Smithfield — to own pork in Nebraska. This would put family farmers out of business.

If the meatpackers own our livestock, corporate-raised pork will dominate our grocery store shelves. This means less care for the animal, more water pollution, and lower-quality food. LB 176 also gives the vertically-integrated corporate “factory farming” system more economic power over Nebraska’s family farmers.

Read more and sign the online petition.

Petition: Oppose hike of OPPD fixed charge

From BOLD Nebraska:

OPPD (Omaha Public Power District) has proposed an increase in the “fixed” fee all customer-owners of the publicly-owned utility must pay each month, from the current $10.25 to as high as $35 per month by 2019. The OPPD Board will vote on this proposed increase at its meeting on Dec. 17, 2015.

Customers who use less energy should pay less, and customers who use more energy should pay for the increased costs of generation and distribution. It’s about fairness and keeping the “public” in public power. Sign the petition and learn more about the proposed hike.

Global Climate March in Omaha Nov. 29

Think globally, act locally: Join the Global Climate Match Sunday, November 29, at the Crossroads Mall in Omaha, 72nd and Dodge streets.

Bill McKibben of explains why showing worldwide support this year is more important than ever:

“Things happen in the world, and a big terrible one happened last week in Paris. Along with the rest of you, we’ve spent the past week or so grappling with the aftermath of November 13th’s horrible attacks. It’s been a week of terrible sadness — and of renewed resolve.

“After the attacks, French authorities banned big public gatherings for a time in the city. Although activists in Paris are working hard to figure out alternatives, there won’t be a French repeat of last year’s mammoth New York procession.
But that makes it all the more important that our voices get heard outside of Paris. The problem is global warming, we have a global movement, and now we need to show it.

“Next weekend, when we would have been marching in Paris, we need everyone who is not there marching everywhere else. It’s going to be a test of our nimbleness. Already there are more than 2,000 rallies scheduled around the world.

“It doesn’t need to be huge — it just needs to be inspired by the hope that our leaders might actually do something in Paris, and by the certain knowledge that they won’t if we don’t push them.

“If you have wondered what you could do for the people of Paris — well, there are 400,000 or so of them who wanted to march for climate action next weekend. You can march on their behalf, and in the process help build some kind of hope. The world needs that now more than ever.

“This October was the hottest month the world has ever measured, and 2015 is now certain to be the hottest year in earth’s recorded history. It’s time for us to turn up the heat too — from every corner of our shared planet.

As TransCanada presses ‘pause’, urge Obama to hit ‘STOP’

From BOLD Nebraska:

Recognizing that President Obama’s rejection of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is inevitable, TransCanada requested tonight that the State Department pause its review of the pipeline, citing the uncertain status of the route in Nebraska.

Given that the route in Nebraska has long been uncertain, it is obvious that this is simply a desperate attempt to run out the clock on Obama’s presidency in hopes that a Republican might take the White House in 2016.

It is important to note that neither the State Department nor President Obama is in any way obligated to grant TransCanada the pause they are requesting. President Obama has long had all the information he needs to reject the pipeline on the grounds that it would unleash reckless expansion of the dirtiest fuel source on the planet and be a disaster for the climate.

Moreover, communities along the pipeline route have spent the last six years of their lives with the threat of a tar sands pipeline running through their land hanging over their heads. It is long past time for President Obama to kill this project once and for all, and rather than put them through two more years of uncertainty, he should do so immediately.

Read the full statement from BOLD Nebraska.

Related coverage in the Lincoln Journal Star.

Climate Action in Lincoln: Tell Ricketts to Submit a Plan, Not Kick the Can

From Progressive Omaha:

On October 14, join fellow Nebraskans in urging Gov. Pete Ricketts to take action on climate change. This is part of a national Day of Climate Action. Bold Nebraska and the Sierra Club are organizing an event outside of the governor’s mansion. We will be delivering 3,000 petition signatures asking Gov. Ricketts not to sue the EPA over the Clean Power Plan and to submit a state energy plan. The theme of the event is “Ricketts: Submit a Plan, Don’t Kick the Can.” There will be a massive game of kick the can outside of the mansion!

Meet on the north side of the Nebraska’s Governors Mansion at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 14. Bring your friends!

Ending the Death Penalty in Nebraska: Time for the Next Phase

From Steve Griffith and Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty:

As I’m sure you have seen, earlier this week a group called Nebraskans for the Death Penalty submitted signatures to try to undo the death penalty repeal at the November 2016 general election. It won’t be official until the Secretary of State verifies the signatures, but it seems quite likely that they’ve gained enough signatures to send the issue to the ballot. I share your disappointment that our victory is under attack.

But I hope that you share some of my great hope. Nebraska’s history has shown that it is an uphill effort for ballot initiatives to succeed. Time and again we’ve seen that when given the facts people are not inclined to keep the death penalty. We have 15 months to share with our fellow Nebraskans what we already know: that our death penalty fails us. I believe we can win and make history again!

We’re certainly not alone in this effort. Yesterday the Catholic Bishops released a statement reiterating their condemnation of the death penalty. They are joined by dozens of other religious and secular groups who helped us win repeal and will continue to speak out to end the death penalty.

I am going to spend the next few days working closely with our staff, Nebraskans for Public Safety, and other partners to draft a plan to move us to victory in 2016. You can expect to hear more from me soon with ways we’ll need your help. In the meanwhile, as you are talking with friends and family, please let them know why you are opposed to the death penalty. Let’s keep the conversations flowing. Each and every vote will matter.

Get involved with NADP.

Attend public hearing in Sidney on fracking issues Sept. 22

From BOLD Nebraska:

Thanks to all of the citizens who have spoken out against importing fracking wastewater for disposal in Nebraska, the Legislature has scheduled a public hearing in Sidney on Sept. 22.

Citizens are encouraged to testify in person, or else submit written comments via the online form, which Bold Nebraska and Nebraska Sierra Club will submit at the hearing. (Another public hearing is slated to be held at the Capitol in Lincoln, but no date has yet been set.)

  • WHAT: Nebraska Legislature hearing: Oil & Gas Commission + Fracking Issues
  • WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 9:00 a.m.
  • WHERE: Performing Arts Center, Sidney High School, 1100 19th Ave., Sidney, NE

Learn more, RSVP, or submit a comment online.

Hearing is set on Nebraska oil, natural gas regulation

From the Omaha World-Herald:

A legislative committee undertaking a study that could determine the fate of the agency that regulates and promotes the oil and natural gas industry in Nebraska has scheduled a fact-finding hearing in Sidney next month. The Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee plans a hearing at Sidney High School at 9 a.m. Sept. 22.

Read the full story from the World-Herald.

Greens should note that both the Sierra Club Nebraska Chapter and BOLD Nebraska have raised concerns about the time and location of this hearing, located far from many of the people affected on a Tuesday morning. Consider showing your support for the cause by getting to this hearing.

Decline to Sign! Nebraskans for Public Safety gaining support

From Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty:

Last week, we announced our membership in a new coalition to fight the referendum campaign called Nebraskans for Public Safety. Support for this new group continues to grow! Today, the ACLU of Nebraska announced that they secured $400,000 grantto fight the death penalty referendum. And in case you missed it, be sure to check out the ad that ran in the Omaha World Herald from murder victims family members disgusted with attempts to bring the death penalty back:

Death penalty die ad

The coalition includes victims family members, fiscal conservatives, and faith leaders who all know that the death penalty is broken beyond repair. The coalition launched their website this week. Check it out here to learn more and get signed up to volunteer with Nebraskans for Public Safety. Additionally, be sure to “like” their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. We need to keep their numbers growing!

Many have asked what they can do about petition circulators. According to Amy Miller, NADP board member and Legal Director of ACLU Nebraska, if you spot a death penalty circulator doing something that concerns you, use the Nebraskans for Public Safety website to report fraud. THREE particularly important things to report if you see them: (1) Circulator not reading the object statement to each signer, (2) Circulator offering something of value to gain a signature, or (3) Unattended signatures left for people to sign with no circulator in charge. Remember: you have the right to film people in public. Film any circulator you find concerning, look for their identifying information and report fraud online at NE4PS website.

Thanks for your ongoing support. We can fight this referendum campaign together and show Nebraskans that repeal of the death penalty was the right step into history.

Say thanks because it’s a nice thing to do

In the wake of the Nebraska Unicameral’s historic action in repealing the death penalty over a gubernatorial veto, let’s not forget to say thanks. Among Greens, nonviolence is a core value and repealing the death penalty just makes sense. For many members of the politically diverse Unicameral, this was a more difficult decision. Let them know that it was the right decision! Also, saying thanks is just a nice thing to do and a great way to develop more of a dialogue with your elected representatives.

Find your senator’s contact information and say thanks.

See how your senator voted on the veto override.