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Ask your neighbors: Why waste money on the death penalty?

By Darold Bauer from Retain a Just Nebraska:

On Monday, Dr. Ernest Goss, professor at Creighton University, (the same economist who has worked for Governor Ricketts’ think tank) released the findings of his analysis of the costs of the death penalty, finding that the State of Nebraska is spending $14,600,000 annually — above and beyond the cost of life in prison — to keep the death penalty in our state.

Our opponents immediately claimed that Dr. Goss’s study was flawed and that the analysis was done by the state government when it released a fiscal note that accompanied Legislative Bill 268. The problem? The fiscal note did not include any actual real numbers — because no one had studied the costs of Nebraska’s death penalty yet. You can see the actual note here. You can read Dr. Goss’s study here.

This week, 27 Senators signed a letter responding to Dr. Goss’ study that they are more confident than ever in their decision to end Nebraska’s death penalty in 2015.

At a news conference yesterday, Speaker Galen Hadley of Kearney said Dr. Goss’ study affirmed his vote, “I am a fiscal conservative who voted against spending $14.6 million a year on a broken program.” Senator Mike Gloor, from Grand Island, Chair of the Revenue Committee, considered the future impact of $14.6 million annual savings, “this money can be better used elsewhere.”

Our opponents are deliberately delivering half truths to drive their campaign. That’s why we need your help. Based on what we’re seeing come across our desks these last couple days, it’s likely your local media outlets covered this story.

Please take a few moments to write a letter to your local paper or call into your local radio talk show and say you are outraged the state is paying $14.6 annually on the death penalty. You can find tips and suggestions for reaching out to your local media outlets here.

It is indefensible to spend $14.6 million each year on any government program that is broken and cannot be used. With your help, we will rid the state of Nebraska of the death penalty. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Ballot access update for Nebraska

The national Green Party effort for Jill Stein has moved to Plan B in Nebraska. When it became clear we could not secure the 6,000 or more signatures, we shifted to ballot access for Jill “by nomination” as an Independent. It will not give us a Green Party ballot line, but it will allow Nebraskans to select Jill and vote *for* a people-powered campaign.

A signature-gathering team is coming together, and we could use your help. You can download and print the new petition yourself. Just be sure that the VOLUNTEER CIRCULATOR line is red when printed out, per the instructions. Collect signatures and help give Nebraskans a better option in November.

We have a budget if you’d like to get paid per signature for the number you collect, but that requires using a different “paid circulator” petition, which we can provide if you are interested. Petitions are still county-specific, meaning that all signatures on one form must be residents of the same county. To become a paid circulator, get petitions, and get started in collecting signatures, contact Jen at (309) 558-5806 right away.

The deadline for submitting signatures is Aug. 1. Don’t delay!

Thanks in advance for helping the candidacy of Dr. Jill Stein in Nebraska.

Sign the petition in support of Recycle Lincoln!

From Nebraskans For Peace:

Please join us in doubling Lincoln’s recycling. We are working with the League of Conservation Voters in circulating this petition to the Lincoln City Council. The proposal is intended to increase recycling opportunities for citizens, expand the local economy, reduce the need for expensive landfill expansion, and grow a sustainable future for ourselves and our children.

Read more and sign the petition through


Petition: Allow wind development in Lancaster County

Last November the Lancaster County Commission on a 3 to 2 vote established excessively restrictive decibel standards that effectively prohibit the development of clean energy wind development in Lancaster County. A coalition of groups representing labor, agriculture, business, and the environment have launched a petition campaign to promote safe and sensible standards for wind development in the county’s rural areas. Please take a moment to sign this non-binding petition to express your support for clean energy and to encourage the phasing out of fossil fuels:

Learn more and sign the petition.

Jill Stein: We Need a Constitutional Right to Vote


The 2016 primary season is exposing a crisis of democracy in America.

The prevalence of voter suppression, from voters forced to stand in line for five hours in Arizona to over one hundred thousand voters purged from the rolls in New York, is inexcusable.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, a federal judge has upheld new voting restrictions, including a voter ID law that will disproportionately block poor and minority voters from the polls.

It’s no secret that reducing voter turnout benefits the political establishment.

It’s time to bring real democracy to America by eliminating unfair barriers to voting and ensuring every vote counts.

Voter suppression across the United States has reached crisis levels, largely because the Constitution does not explicitly guarantee our right to vote. An explicit Constitutional right to vote would empower Americans to challenge systemic voter suppression and restore the integrity of our elections.

Stand with Jill Stein’s call for an explicit Constitutional right to vote today!

Read more and sign the petition.

Action Alert: Climate rally at Berkshire meeting April 30 in Omaha

From BOLD Nebraska:

Join former NASA climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, Nebraska Peace Foundation, and Bold Nebraska on Saturday, April 30th outside the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting in Omaha to deliver our petition and urge shareholders attending the meeting to VOTE YES on the Climate Resolution. Introduced by Nebraska Peace Foundation, which owns a voting share in the company, the shareholder resolution asks the company to do a climate risk assessment.

The rally will be Saturday, April 30,  from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the CenturyLink Center, 455 N 10th St, Omaha.

Warren Buffett has urged shareholders to vote against the resolution. In his letter to shareholders, Buffett writes that he understands that climate change keeps people up at night, and he thinks people in low lying areas should move.

Said Buffett: “Call this Noah’s Law: If an ark may be essential for survival, begin building it today, no matter how cloudless the skies appear.”

Buffett sees climate change causing disasters, but he doesn’t see any risk of his insurance companies experiencing “significant losses” from them yet.

It’s time for Warren Buffett to build a #ClimateArk — starting with the climate risk assessment for his companies outlined in the shareholder resolution proposed by Nebraska Peace Foundation.

Read more from BOLD Nebraska and RSVP for the rally.

Action Alert: Help petition for ballot access at Earth Day events

Upcoming Earth Day celebrations provide opportunities to gather signatures and ensure that the Nebraska Green Party appears on the ballot for Nebraska voters in November:

Earth Day Omaha

  • Saturday, April 16
  • 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Elmwood Park
  • Contact markalanzimmermann (at) to help.

Earth Day Lincoln

  • Saturday, April 23
  • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Union Plaza
  • Contact  mjberry (at) to help.

Join a discussion about the future of wind energy in Lancaster County

From the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters:

On Monday, March 28, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Hardin Hall Auditorium (3310 Holdrege St., Lincoln), a coalition of community leaders will participate in a panel discussion about the benefits of wind power, and the anti-wind policies that have prevented wind development in Nebraska. The panel will discuss the recent vote taken by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners that effectively prohibits the development of wind energy in Lancaster County. They will discuss the implications of that decision and how the coalition plans to get that decision reversed. The panel is hosted by the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters (NLCV) and is free and open to the public.

Those who are participating in the panel discussion include:

  • Senator Ken Haar, Nebraska State Senator for Legislative District 21
  • Lancaster County Commissioner Bill Avery, former State Senator for Legislative District 28
  • John Hansen, President of the Nebraska Farmers Union
  • John Markey, Business Manager and Financial Secretary for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 265
  • Greg Schwaninger, Lancaster County Landowner
  • Eliot Bostar, Executive Director of the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters

Read more and register for the event.

Show support for two fracking-related bills Feb. 17

From BOLD Nebraska:

This Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 1:30 p.m., the Legislature will hold a hearing on two fracking-related bills, and the Senators on the Natural Resources Committee who will first vote on these new protections for our water need to hear from you. Click here to submit your written testimony on fracking that we’ll deliver at the hearing.

At the hearing on Wednesday, the Legislature will hear testimony on LB 1070 and LB 1082:

LB 1070: Requires fracking wastewater injection wells to secure $1 million+ in liability insurance. Restricts permits if the groundwater aquifer is close to the surface.

LB 1082: Fixes the clear conflict of interest at the Nebraska Oil & Gas Commission, by eliminating the regulatory agency’s dual role of “promoting” the oil and gas industry in the state. Requires more public hearings and notification about wastewater projects. Mandates additional well monitoring and well fluid analysis that is not being done now.

Thanks to all of you who in the past year have testified at hearings across the state, signed a petition or letter to your senator, or made a donation to support our work to strengthen the laws that protect our water.

Bold Nebraska and Jane Kleeb will be at the hearing on Wednesday to testify in support of LB 1070 and LB 1082. We encourage you to join us in person, or else submit a comment that we’ll deliver to Senators at the hearing.  Click here to check out our “Testimony Tips” and submit your written testimony.

Help End the Death Penalty Now!

From Nebraskans for Public Safety and Senator Adam Morfeld:

Let’s be clear about something: Right now, Nebraska is at the center of the fight to end the death penalty in this country. We ended it last spring in the Unicameral — one of my proudest moments in the legislature — and we must now defend that vote on Election Day.

With your help, we can.

I recently wrote to let you know that we received commitments from national organizations working to end the death penalty. In order to secure their support, we have to show our strength and raise matching funds from fellow Nebraskans like yourself. Help reach our matching gift goal.

The death penalty is unjust, expensive, and simply doesn’t work; our ability to end it once and for all is critical. Can you help get us to the finish line? A $25 commitment today from everyone on this list is what it will take to secure the dollar-for-dollar match from national funders. But our time is limited. We need to secure these funds.

Let’s do it, Nebraska — let’s end the death penalty in our great state once and for all.

Thank you for your support.

Senator Adam Morfeld, District 46

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