Information for ATM Volunteers

Upcoming Leafletting Dates

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Peacemaker of the Year Potluck

The ATM annual potluck supper will be held starting at 5:30pm, Thursday, October 20th, 2016 at Christ United Methodist Church, 46th & A Streets.

We will be honoring Amy Miller and Danielle Conrad of ACLU as Peacemakers of the Year this year. Both Amy and Danielle have made significant contributions to furthering civil rights and civil liberties in Nebraska.

Bring some food to share and your plate and utensils, and join us for some great food and uplifting conversation. All are welcome!


Other Volunteering Opportunities

We sent emails to parent teacher organization groups at the high schools to make initial contact with them and in order to remind people that the opt-out forms can be used to help prevent undesired contact with military recruiters, and that those forms must be turned in at the beginning of the school year. We’d like to expand this effort to include the larger school districts across the state, but could use some help in chasing down contacts for the Parent/Teacher/Student groups in these other districts. If you’d be interested in such a task, drop us a note.

Become a Facebook fan of the Nebraska Coalition to Protect Student Privacy
The Nebraska Coalition to Protect Student Privacy is a group of Nebraska parents and citizens who are concerned about the release of student information from our schools without parental knowledge or consent. They are currently working on a campaign to get Nebraska schools to choose the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) reporting Option 8, which is the only reporting option that schools can choose that precludes private student data from being released to recruiters. The ASVAB is commonly given in Nebraska high schools. More information can be found on their Facebook Info page.

Alternatives to the Military is enthusiastically supporting this campaign. If you know of a parent who lives in Nebraska who does not like the idea of our school *voluntarily* releasing private student to recruiters via the administration of the ASVAB, please let us know. We are compiling a list of parents who feel the ASVAB status quo is unacceptable. Thanks!