About Alternatives to the Military – Lincoln

Alternatives to the Military – Lincoln actively works to counter military recruitment in our schools.  So, why do we do what we do?  It depends on who within ATM you talk with.  Some of us are former veterans who have seen the futility of war.  Some of us are social justice advocates who have recognized the incredible waste of war.  Some of us are simply parents who dread the constant drumbeat of war.  All of us agree that one can find an alternative to military service, despite what our military’s $1.5 billion annual recruitment program might say.

ATM got its start at the beginning of the 1991 Gulf War when a small group of Lincoln, Nebraska peacemakers decided to do something to attempt to counter the increasing presence of the military in our schools.  We have been active ever since, providing local high school students with literature that addresses the realities of life in the military, offering alternative ideas for obtaining financial resources for college or job-training, and providing contact information for those wishing to speak with a counselor about military recruitment questions or issues.

ATM generally organizes twice annual leafletting events at each high school, and provides high school libraries, media, and counseling centers with literature.  The group also hosts an annual potluck supper honoring a local Peacemaker of the Year.

Betty Olson, a Nebraskans for Peace founder, was the first Peacemaker of the Year.  She was followed by Dwight Ganzel, Don Tilley, Leola Bullock, Dan Williams, Bob Hitchcock, Marj Manglitz, Carol McShane, John McCall, Elizabeth Goodbrake, Christy Hargesheimer, Robert Epp, John Taylor and George Wolf, Mj Berry, Terry Werner, Michael Baker, Nan Graf, Fran Kaye, Jack Gould, Lela Shanks, Paul Olson, Marilyn McNabb, Nelson Potter, Marni Vos and Tim Rinne. This year we have two Peacemakers of the Year: Amy Miller and Danielle Conrad!

Kevin Haake was named Coordinator for Alternatives to the Military – Lincoln in 2010.  Kevin can be contacted here.

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