1. Section 1. The name of the organization shall be the Nebraska Green Party, hereafter known as the “Party”.
    2. Section 2. The governing body is the Council of the Nebraska Green Party, hereafter known as the “Council”. The Council constitutes the State Central Committee for the purpose of Nebraska State statutes.
    3. Section 3. The Nebraska Green Party shall be governed by these Bylaws in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of Nebraska.
    4. Section 4. Our values and positions are contained within the Ten Key Values and the platform of the Green Party of the United States [GPUS]. Our pillars are grassroots democracy, environmental sustainability, social justice, and non-violence.
    5. Section 5. The purpose of the Party is to promote these values through nominating and supporting candidates for political office, education, citizen empowerment, non-violent activism, and other political and social action as agreed upon through Party and Chapter processes.
    6. Section 6. The purposes of the Bylaws are:
      • To satisfy the requirements of the Nebraska Code regarding political parties:
      • To define the Party’s structure and functions;
      • To state the rights and responsibilities of the Council, Officers, Committees, Chapters and Individual Members, and to indicate their relations to each other; and
      • To define the mission, purpose, and goals of the Party and its relationship to the Green Party of the United States and other organizations.
    1. Section 1. The Party comprises Individual Members and Member Chapters. A Member Chapter may be Regional, At-large, or Institutional.
    2. Section 2. An Individual Member may be Supporting, Registered, or both.
      1. 1. A Supporting member is a resident of the State of Nebraska and has established and maintained membership through application processes. Financial contributions are not required for membership.
      2. 2. A Registered member has registered as a Green Party voter with the election office of any county of Nebraska.
      3. 3. A Supporting member who lives in a congressional district that does not recognize the Green Party may become a registered member by registering to vote as nonpartisan (Independent).
      4. 4. All members are encouraged to maintain themselves in both groups as possible.
    3. Section 3. The Council establishes privileges and responsibilities for the Individual Member groups, maintaining consistency with the Nebraska State statutes.
      1. 1. Supporting members participate fully in the Party processes, including voting for or filling the positions of officers and representatives, participating in polls, serving as chairs for committees, serving as officers for Chapters, and other rights and privileges as determined by the Council.
      2. 2. Registered members receive notices of meetings and conventions, information regarding political activities, and other information as determined by the Council. The Registered members are encouraged to attend and participate in Party and Chapter meetings, but do not vote on Party and Chapter matters.
        If a Registered member is invited to membership in a committee and participates, he/she may vote on committee issues. As registered voters, they may participate in partisan electoral processes of the Party.
      3. 3. Members who are both Supporting and Registered have all above rights and privileges.
    4. Section 4. A Regional Member Chapter is a group of Supporting members residing in the same geographic area or political area.
      1. 1. Any group of five or more Supporting members who reside in the same area may petition the council for recognition as a Regional Chapter. The Chapter shall designate one of its Supporting members as a Convener.
      2. 2. The Convener shall ensure that the Chapter:
        • Informs the Council of the Chapters membership [both Supporting and Registered], meeting place [s], and schedule of meetings;
        • Transmits minutes of its meetings to the Secretary of the Council;
        • Transmits the Council’s communications to the Chapter members;
        • Complies with all requirements for the conduct of Chapters;
        • Designates representatives to the State Convention and the Council;
        • Is able to maintain timely communication among its Supporting, and as pertinent, its Registered members and with the Party; and
        • Responds to Party requests for action and information.
      3. 3. If the Council determines that the requirements of Subsection 2 are met, the Regional Chapter shall be admitted to membership.
    5. Section 5. An At-large Member Chapter is a group of Supporting members, residing in different geographical or political areas.
      1. 1. Five or more Supporting members who do not reside in the same area, and cannot conveniently form Regional Chapters, may petition the Council for recognition as an At-Large Chapter.
      2. 2. An At-Large Member Chapter shall fulfill all requirements of Regional Chapter set forth in Subsection 2 of the previous Section.
      3. 3. If the Council determines that the requirements of Subsection 2 of the previous Section are met, the Chapter shall be admitted to membership.
    6. Section 6. An Institutional Member Chapter is a group of five or more Supporting members affiliated with an educational or other institution as employees, residents, students, or other affiliations.
      1. 1. Five or more such members so affiliated may petition the Council for admission as an Institutional Chapter. Such members may or may not reside within the area represented by a Regional or At-Large chapter.
      2. 2. An Institutional Chapter shall fulfill all requirements of a Regional Chapter, except as modified related to specific circumstances.
      3. 3. All members are encouraged to maintain themselves in both groups as possible.
    1. Section 1. The Council comprises: the Executive Board described in the following Article, and one Chapter Representative for every five Supporting members of each Member Chapter, but no more than five Representatives from each Chapter, chosen from among the Supporting members.
      1. 1. No member of the Executive Board shall serve concurrently as a Chapter Representative.
      2. 2. A Chair or member of a committee, or the Convener of a Chapter, may serve concurrently as a member of the Executive Board or as a Chapter Representative.
      3. 3. The Council shall have full and sole authority to act for the Party, including the expending of Party funds, except when a specific limitation of this authority is provided for in these Bylaws.
      4. 4. The Council shall be responsible for:
        • Open and inclusive development of the Bylaws, platform, and other official documents;
        • The organization of the Party;
        • The timely calling together of the State Convention;
        • Formulation of plans for Party programs and strategy;
        • Authorization of Party membership dues and of registration and other fees for Party events;
        • Acceptance of new Chapters in accordance with prior sections
        • Establishment and dissolution of Committees;
        • Referral of appropriate decisions to the State Convention, to a poll of Supporting members, or to the
        • Appropriate officer or committees; and
        • Monitoring the activities of Committees and Chapters.
      5. 5. The Council shall maintain written records of all its meetings describing all matters discussed, decisions and their reasons, and expressions of dissent from decisions. Copies of such records shall be sent to each Member Chapter within two weeks of every meeting of the Council.
    1. Section 1. There shall be an Executive Board of the Party
    2. Section 2. The Executive Board shall consist of four Supporting members who shall be the Officers described in the following Section.
      1. 1. The Executive Board shall prepare the agenda for Council meetings, and shall inform Chapters of such agenda not less than one week prior to Council meetings.
      2. 2. The members of the Executive Board shall not all belong to one and the same Chapter unless, after diligent search by the Nominating Committee, no suitable candidates from more than one Chapter can be proposed.
    3. Section 3. The Officers comprising the Executive Board shall be two Co-chairs, a Treasurer and Secretary. No Officer shall occupy more than one of the said offices concurrently.
      1. 1. The Co-chairs of the Party shall be one male and one female unless, after diligent search by the Nominating Committee, two such suitable candidates cannot be proposed. The Co-chairs shall share the responsibilities of:
        • Conducting meetings of the Executive Board and Council;
        • Representing the Party at meetings or in discussions with other organizations;
        • Ensuring compliance by the Party with State and Federal statutes concerning tax status and campaign laws, including requirements of the Federal Election Commission;
        • Communicating with the local, State, and Federal governments on behalf of the Party; and
        • Monitoring the overall functioning of the Party.
      2. 2. The Secretary of the Party shall
        • Ensure that minutes of Council meeting are recorded, and distribute such minutes within two weeks of the meeting;
        • Maintain an archive of all correspondence and information transmitted through and printed or printable medium to or from the Party including communications among Chapters and between a Chapter and the Party;
        • Maintain a roster of Supporting and Registered members, Chapters, and Chapter Conveners;
        • Maintain the official text of these bylaws as amended to date and of amended provisions;
        • Forward all correspondence from the Party to its addressee [s], and all correspondence within the Party;
        • Maintain information of value to the Party;
        • provide the information mentioned in this Subsection to any Sustaining member if requested.
      3. 3. The Treasurer of the Party shall:
        • Establish bank accounts and deposit into such accounts all dues, contributions; and other funds received by the Party;
        • Make prompt payment for all authorized obligations, and establish a procedure for such authorization;
        • Maintain financial records in accordance with sound accounting practice;
        • Prepare written monthly statements of initial and final assets income and expenditures and distribute such statements to Council members; and
        • Provide the records described in this Subsection to any Supporting member, when requested.
    1. Section 1. The purpose of a Committee is to assist the Council, the Executive Board, and Officers in carrying out the activities and tasks of the Party.
    2. Section 2. A Committee may be a Full committee or a Sub-committee. A Full committee may be Standing or Ad hoc.
      1. 1. A Standing Committee assists in a permanent activity of the Party and is reconstituted annually.
      2. 2. An Ad hoc Committee assists in a temporary activity of the Party and is dissolved when that activity is completed.
      3. 3. A Subcommittee assists a Full committee in a specific part of its task.
    3. Section 3. Every Committee has a specific responsibility.
      1. 1. A Full Committee is responsible to the Council. It is formed, dissolved and reauthorized by the Council.
      2. 2. A Subcommittee is responsible to the Full Committee that authorized it. Its Chair is appointed by the members of the Full committee.
    4. Section 4. Each Full Committee shall prepare a written statement of its purpose, including its goals and a description of its decision-making process; determine its size and the size and number of its subcommittees; and Determine the skills and standards of performance required of Committee and Subcommittee members.
    5. Section 5. The Chair of a Full committee is responsible for moderating meetings; advising the Council concerning the issues; and recruiting committee members.
    6. Section 6. The Chair of a Subcommittee is responsible for scheduling and planning of meetings; moderating meetings; advising the Full committee of the work; and recruiting members.
    7. Section 7. Committee and Sub-committee members are responsible for attending meetings when possible, participating in discussions and decisions, and performing duties as agreed upon.
    1. Section 1. The Council shall seek consensus in its decisions. When consensus cannot be reached, it will proceed on majority basis.
      1. 1. A quorum for decisions by the Council requires representation by two-thirds of all Chapters and at least one-half of total Council membership.
      2. 2. Consensus or majority decisions of the Council may be carried out in the name of the Party. Members are at liberty to differ from these decisions. Council and Committee members are responsible for implementing them.
    2. Section 2. Party Committees and Member Chapters shall decide their respective procedures for decision-making.
    1. Section 1. The Party shall adopt positions and policies and take or endorse actions on political and civic issues. The Council, at its discretion, may submit issues to a vote of the State Convention or a poll of Individual members.
    2. Section 2. A chapter may adopt positions and policies and take actions on political and civic issues concerning the locality, region, or institution represented by the Chapter and may adopt a procedure for so doing.
    1. Section 1. The Party shall adhere to these procedures during every State and Federal election campaign and will maintain compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations.
      1. 1. Any person living in a congressional district recognizing the Green Party and registered as Green before February 15 preceding a primary in Nebraska may file to run for partisan county or city offices, or for the United States Congress as a Green candidate.
      2. 2. The Party shall convene its State Convention on even numbered calendar years. On even calendar years it will nominate and endorse candidates for federal, state, and local offices.
        On presidential years it will choose voting delegates to the United States Green Party Nominating Convention. The number of voting delegates will be determined by the USGP. These delegates must be individual members of the Party and shall be selected by their district members at the state convention.
      3. 3. After the number of Nebraska Presidential Nominating delegates is determined by the United States Green Party, the Nebraska Green Party will distribute these delegate positions to Congressional District Chapters. Each Chapter will receive at least one delegate with the remaining delegates distributed proportionally to Chapters based on the numbers of supporting members one week prior to the State Convention.
      4. 4. Each Chapter will hold an election, either through a primary or at the state convention. The presidential candidate who wins a primary will receive all of the delegate votes assigned to that district chapter. The elections at the state convention will be through the instant runoff voting process. The winners of the convention elections will win all of the delegate votes assigned to that chapter. Only individual members are eligible to vote in the convention elections.
      5. 5. The Council shall appoint an Ad hoc Election Campaign Committee which shall review requests and suggestions concerning the endorsement of candidates for Federal Office or State office whether statewide or local. Recommendations shall be presented to the individual members at the State Convention.
      6. 6. Candidates for president and statewide partisan offices may be nominated at the State Convention, if there is no requirement for a primary election to have already determined such nominations.
      7. 7. Notifications of Party nominations will be conducted in accord with State statutes and requirements of the Green Party of the United States
    2. Section 2. A Chapter may review requests and suggestions concerning the nomination or endorsement of candidates in local, County, or Regional/District campaigns conducted in the area represented by the Chapter and may decide, in a manner decided by the Chapter, whether to nominate or endorse such candidates. Congressional district post-primary conventions will be held in conformity with state statute.
    1. Section 1. Chapter representatives, Chapter Conveners, members of the Executive board and the Chairs and other members of Committees of the Party shall serve for definite terms.
      1. 1. The members of the Executive Board shall be chosen at the State Convention by majority vote of the Supporting members either present or voting by absentee ballot, by successive preferential voting if necessary. The Executive Boards so elected shall serve until the next Convention.
      2. 2. Chapter representatives to the Council shall be chosen by majority vote or by consensus of the Supporting members of their respective Chapters and be announced at the Convention. They will serve until the next Convention.
      3. 3. Chapter Conveners shall be chosen in the same manner and shall serve for the same term as with the Representatives.
      4. 4. Standing Committee chairs shall be appointed by the Council and serve for one year or until replaced by the Council.
      5. 5. Ad hoc Committee chairs shall be appointed by the Council and shall serve for one year, until replaced by Council or until task is completed.
      6. 6. Other members of each Committee shall be appointed by the Committee chair and shall serve until the dissolution of the committee or its reconstitution by the Council.
      7. 7. Subcommittee chairs shall be appointed by their respective authorizing Full committee and shall be re-appointed or replaced at the same time as Chair of the Full committee.
      8. 8. Other members of Subcommittees shall be appointed by the Subcommittee chair and shall be re-appointed or replaced at the same time as their chair.
    2. Section 2. The Council shall appoint an Ad hoc committee, which shall be called the Nominating Committee, no later than two months prior to the time for which the state Convention is scheduled.
      1. 1. The Nominating Committee shall ensure election of a new Executive Board by
        • Identifying and evaluating potential candidates and proposing their candidacy;
        • Inviting and receiving the statements of supporting members regarding their intent to be candidates;
        • Introducing to the State Convention the candidates so identified;
        • Inviting any further nominations from the membership present at the Convention and
        • Ensuring that a vote is taken and certifying the result.
      2. 2. The Council shall appoint at least one member of the Nominating Committee from each Congressional District, unless after diligent search suitable member cannot be identified.
      3. 3. No candidate for a position on the new Council shall be a member of the Nominating committee, unless after diligent search by the Council this condition cannot be met.
    3. Section 3. A Chapter Representative, Chapter Convener, member of the Executive Board, or Chair or other member of a Committee or Subcommittee must be able to perform duties on a regular basis, but may delegate a duty to another Supporting member if temporarily unable to perform it.
    4. Section 4. If any Member, exercising the duties of the previous Section or any other defined responsibility to the Party, is accused of abuse of such duty or responsibility, or of disregarding the Values or Purposes of the Party, shall be entitled to a hearing before the Council.
      1. 1. Any Supporting member may bring to the Council a complaint and any Member may attend the hearing,
      2. 2. A member of the Council so accused shall not be a member for purposes of the hearing.
      3. 3. The accused member may defend himself/herself in person before the council or may choose a representative to defend him/her. If the member or representative does not appear the council shall appoint a representative for the hearing.
      4. 4. If the Council decides by a vote of two-thirds or greater that the complaints are justified, the accused member shall be removed from his/her duty or responsibility.
    1. Section 1. The Nebraska Green Party shall seek and maintain membership in the Green Party of the United States and shall maintain a Standing Committee for coordinating participation. Duties are:
      1. 1. Receive communications from GPUS and make them available to members;
      2. 2. Forward all communications, including information on decisions and authorized activities of the Party and relevant concerns and suggestions, to GPUS;
      3. 3. Ensure compliance of Party with all requirements of the GPUS.
    2. Section 2. Delegates sent to represent the Nebraska Green Party at the National Convention in order to nominate Green Party Candidates for President and Vice President shall be selected by sustaining members at the State Convention, or Presidential Primary, when possible. All other delegates and representatives to the United States Green Party shall be selected by the Council.
    3. Section 3. The Party may be represented or hold membership in other state, local, national or international organizations whose activities are consistent with Party values and purpose. Participation shall be decided by Council, at annual Convention, or by poll, at Council’s discretion.
    4. Section 4. A Member Chapter may be represented and/or hold membership in organizations whose activities are consistent with the values and purpose of the Party. Such participation shall be decided by the Supporting members of the Chapter in a manner decided by the Chapter.
    1. Section 1. In initial establishment, the Steering Committee reviews and provides provisional recommendation of the Bylaws, then submits them to a poll of the Supporting Members. If the Supporting members approve by at least two-thirds majority of those responding, the approval shall be certified by the Steering committee, and the submitted Bylaws are thereby ratified and shall be binding on the Party. Steering Committee thereupon reconstitutes as the Council of the Nebraska Green Party.
    2. Section 2. Amendments to the Bylaws may alter or repeal an existing provision or may add a new provision.
      1. 1. An amendment may be proposed by the Council, by a Member Chapter, by a Supporting member through his or her Chapter, or by a committee formed for that purpose.
      2. 2. When a proposed amendment is approved by a Chapter or by a Committee formed for that purpose, the Convener or Chair shall forward it to the Council. The Council shall then submit the proposed amendment to all Chapters for review and recommendation.
        Upon approval by two thirds of the chapters the council will refer the proposal to a poll of Supporting members or to a vote at the next State Convention, with provision for absentee voting. Poll or vote shall seek consensus and require at least two-thirds approval of those responding.
      3. 3. The Council shall review the results of the poll or vote. In the absence of two-thirds approval the Council may refer amendment for further study or may dismiss it.
      4. 4. The Council shall certify approval by the poll or the vote. The amendment shall become a part of the Bylaws upon the Council’s certification that it has been approved by such poll or vote.