Green Drinks event Jan 22nd in Omaha!

Green Drinks is happy to join the Flatwater Chapter for their annual membership soiree, held this year at Block 16, downtown. They’re a great bunch and I encourage all Green Drinkers (many of whom are already members) to attend. It’s $5 cover for non-members, but any morsel at Block 16 is worth far more.

RSVP requested here. 

As always – please pass the word to others who might be interested in attending these fine events.

WHAT:___ The world-famous *** Green Drinks ***
WHEN:___ NEW TIME 4:00 ’til 6+ pm, Wednesday 22nd Jan 2014
RULE: ___ Fourth Wednesday of every odd month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
WHERE:__NEW LOCATION – Block 16, 1611 Farnam Street, (402) 342-1220
HOW:____ Walk, cycle, bus, carpool 🙂
WHO:____ Anyone working on environmental issues (green business, architecture, design, clean energy, natural resources, and more) or studying them
WHY:____ Fun, contacts, alcohol (& non-alcohol), info, gossip, inspiration, business and pleasure
NEW:____ Just go up to someone and say “are you green?”, and you’ll be made welcome.
REMIND:_ We have a send-only email circulation list; to get on it, send an email with subject heading “Green Drinks NE”
PRIVACY: This email list is ONLY for Green Drinks reminders.

STATUS: Informal, self-organizing network. Continued growth and learning at every meeting. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with others!!