NET News Legislative Coverage

Live Legislative Coverage: Each day the legislature is in session, NETNews provides gavel-to-gavel coverage on NET Television’s NET2 World.  NET Radio listeners can hear legislative highlights of each weekday session at 5:30 p.m. CT during “All Things Considered,” as well as at 7:06 a.m. CT during “Morning Edition.” Coverage is also available streaming on the NET website at:

Mobile Access: In 2013, nearly 5.4 million minutes of state government proceedings were streamed from the NET website. Legislative content is now available on mobile devices via the Nebraska Capitol Live Mobile App. The app provides instant access to Unicameral action including discussions, votes and hearing rooms. In addition to the Legislature, video from the Nebraska Supreme Court, Appellate Court, the Governor’s Hearing Room and the Nebraska Department of Education are all available. The Capitol Live App is available for Apple and Android devices at the following links:

The Capitol Live App on iTunes:

Capitol Live App on Google Play:

Other NET Nebraska Mobile Apps:

“Capitol Conversations,” is a weekly web interview series hosted by legislative reporter Fred Knapp. The series, consisting of 10-minute interviews are issue-oriented and focus on one policymaker, state senator or other person whose decisions or viewpoints affect Nebraskans. Each interview is designed to provide information about the guests’ views and opinions on a variety of issues and a closer look at what has shaped their political thinking. New “Capitol Conversations” interviews will generally be available each Thursday through the end of the legislative session, and can be found at: