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The “Monsanto Protection Act” goes to Oregon

While the “Monsanto Protection Act” has been dealt a setback in the Washington, the GMO industry is continuing its backroom campaign against regulation and labelling at a state and local level. The story of Oregon’s SB-863 law shows that the industry is targeting the rights of counties and communities to control their food production.

Don’t Frack the Future

Steve Breyman, Environmental Protection Agency, Administrator

High-volume hydraulic fracturing (better known as “fracking”), the process by which more and more oil and gas in the United States is produced, is good at some near-term things. It’s brought down natural gas prices for consumers. It’s resulted in several boom-towns across America’s shale formations. It’s brought back to life old wells uneconomical to pump through other means. It’s generated significant funds for gas companies and some lucky leaseholders. It’s created thousands of jobs. It’s plowed much needed tax revenues into a few state and local government coffers.

But that’s the problem—fracking is all about now.
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