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When the (indicted) Attorney General of Texas brought his last ditch suit to the Supreme Court recently, in a baseless effort to overturn the certified results of clear and legal elections in the battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, he was joined in an amicus brief by the AG from Nebraska, Doug Peterson along with several other AGs from Republican states. It seems to appear to them that the time to raise concerns about election rules and safeguards is after the election didn’t go their way.

Whether you consider this a principled stand or just more Trump boot licking, Peterson did issue a news release saying he was doing it and (despite a conspicuous lack of evidence) why.

As little as that is,  it’s more than you can say for Nebraska congressmen Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith who also joined the amicus brief with no notice or explanation to their constituents. Apparently overturning a (small d) democratic election in favor of their own choice isn’t noteworthy?

Of course it’s still 2020 so even a terse Supreme Court dismissal doesn’t mean we’re done here. No surprises are expected when the electors meet Monday (12/14) to officially cast their votes in the Electoral College. But, on January 6, as constitutionally mandated, the, yup, House of Representatives has to meet and tally the Electoral College votes and declare the winner. According to a New York Times story on Dec 13  Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) and a “group of allies in the House” are planning a challenge to the electoral votes in 5 battleground states. Again this is without any certified evidence of illegal voting or fraud (especially not in their own districts!).

So… are Reps. Fortenberry and Smith going to agree with this charade as well? Will they even tell us or will we have to find out after the fact? They are so ensconced in their safe districts that it’s likely their only concern is that they will be challenged or run out by members of the Trump Party.

We’re likely to find out faster through a Trump twitter rant naming his defectors but if you are social distancing from that sort of viral outbreak, well I guess there’s always CSPAN. Is there still CSPAN? Hope so. Curious to see how VP Pence announces the results.