Educate your friends and neighbors: Vote to retain the repeal of the death penalty

From the Lincoln Journal Star:

There was a time during early efforts to undo the Legislature’s repeal of capital punishment in 2015 that longtime death penalty opponent Sen. Ernie Chambers was confident.

He said he had no doubt Nebraska voters would uphold the decision of the Legislature to stop executions.

Now, because of the way the ballot referendum will appear to voters, he just doesn’t know.

“It’s so confusing to people,” he said.

He even gets confused trying to explain it to those who call him and ask.

The simplest way to think of it is to focus on what the Legislature did, and then to decide if you want to retain the law senators passed to eliminate the death penalty for first-degree murder and substitute it with a life sentence, or if you want to repeal that bill (LB268), keeping the death sentence intact.

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