Nationwide, Green candidates gearing up for fall elections

Excerpts from today’s GPUS news update:

Have you heard the latest from Green candidates for state office this year? Here are some highlights from campaigns across the country:

The Maine Independent Green Party is running over a dozen candidates for the State House and Senate this year.

Last weekend, the Green Party of Pennsylvania nominated Paul Glover for Governor. Paul helped organize local Green Parties in California and New York in the 1980s, and continues his work through his books and by founding organizations devoted to social and economic justice.

On Monday, the candidates for California Secretary of State participated in a forum in Los Angeles. The Green Party’s David Curtis was featured prominently in coverage by the Los Angeles Times.

On April 1st, Green Party members in the District of Columbia will go to the polls to vote in the district’s primary election. The party has endorsed socialist and Statehood Green Party member Eugene Puryear for City Council.

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