Update: Jill Stein will be on Nebraska’s ballot


A New Choice for Nebraskans: Jill Stein to appear on the state’s November ballot

August 19, 2016

Today leaders of the Nebraska Green Party received official notification from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office: Jill Stein, the U.S. Green Party’s presidential candidate, will appear on the state’s general election ballot this November.

“Choice is good,” said Steve Larrick, the Nebraska Green Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate in 2008 and for the District 1 U.S. House seat in 2004. “With the Green presidential ticket on the ballot, Nebraskans can now vote for the greater good, not just for the lesser of two evils.”

Dr. Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka, were officially nominated for the Green Party’s ticket at the national convention earlier this month in Houston, Texas. Here in Nebraska, they will be listed as nonpartisan, or “by petition,” a type of ballot access that requires 2,500 signatures from registered voters. Nebraska Greens submitted 7,656 signatures Aug. 1 requesting a ballot line for the candidates.

With the perennial hurdle of ballot access cleared, Greens in Nebraska and elsewhere are now working to reach more voters with their policy ideas, especially in the upcoming presidential debates. Access to the debates is controlled largely by the national Democratic and Republican parties, and third-party candidates are typically barred from participating.

“By being on the presidential ballot in most states,” Larrick said, “the Stein-Baraka team should rightfully be included in all presidential debates. It’s a simple matter of respect for American justice and democracy.”

Dr. Jill Stein is a practicing physician, a community organizer, mother, and environmental-health advocate. She also ran as the Green candidate in 2012, earning more votes than any previous woman candidate for president.

Ajamu Baraka is a human rights activist, organizer, and geopolitical analyst. He was the founding executive director of the U.S. Human Rights Network until 2011. He has served on the boards of various national and international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International (USA) and the National Center for Human Rights Education.

Voters can learn more about Dr. Stein and her running mate at www.jill2016.com.

The Nebraska Green Party organizes citizens in support of progressive causes and fights for broader access to the ballot. The party has fielded candidates in several elections since 2000, including the following partisan races:

  • In 2002 Doug Paterson for U.S. House District 2
  • In 2004 Steve Larrick for U.S. House District 1
  • In 2004 Dante Salvatierra for U.S. House District 2
  • In 2004 Roy Guisinger  for U.S. House District 3
  • In 2006 Doug Paterson for Secretary of State
  • In 2008 Steve Larrick for U.S. Senate

Dr. Jill Stein, the U.S. Green Party, and the Nebraska Green Party are committed to 10 Key Values, centered on grassroots democracy, local decision-making, equality, environmental wisdom, and social justice. Voters can read more about the Nebraska Green Party and its values at www.nebraskagreens.org.

Nebraska Green Party Contact Information:

  • Mark Zimmermann, Treasurer, markalanzimmermann at gmail.com
  • Steve Larrick, former candidate for U.S. Senate and House, slarrick1 at msn.com

Read the press release from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office.

Get the update on Jill Stein’s ballot status nationwide.

Ask your neighbors: Why waste money on the death penalty?

By Darold Bauer from Retain a Just Nebraska:

On Monday, Dr. Ernest Goss, professor at Creighton University, (the same economist who has worked for Governor Ricketts’ think tank) released the findings of his analysis of the costs of the death penalty, finding that the State of Nebraska is spending $14,600,000 annually — above and beyond the cost of life in prison — to keep the death penalty in our state.

Our opponents immediately claimed that Dr. Goss’s study was flawed and that the analysis was done by the state government when it released a fiscal note that accompanied Legislative Bill 268. The problem? The fiscal note did not include any actual real numbers — because no one had studied the costs of Nebraska’s death penalty yet. You can see the actual note here. You can read Dr. Goss’s study here.

This week, 27 Senators signed a letter responding to Dr. Goss’ study that they are more confident than ever in their decision to end Nebraska’s death penalty in 2015.

At a news conference yesterday, Speaker Galen Hadley of Kearney said Dr. Goss’ study affirmed his vote, “I am a fiscal conservative who voted against spending $14.6 million a year on a broken program.” Senator Mike Gloor, from Grand Island, Chair of the Revenue Committee, considered the future impact of $14.6 million annual savings, “this money can be better used elsewhere.”

Our opponents are deliberately delivering half truths to drive their campaign. That’s why we need your help. Based on what we’re seeing come across our desks these last couple days, it’s likely your local media outlets covered this story.

Please take a few moments to write a letter to your local paper or call into your local radio talk show and say you are outraged the state is paying $14.6 annually on the death penalty. You can find tips and suggestions for reaching out to your local media outlets here.

It is indefensible to spend $14.6 million each year on any government program that is broken and cannot be used. With your help, we will rid the state of Nebraska of the death penalty. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Open Up the Debates

From Democracy Now!:

While polls show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the least popular major-party candidates to ever run for the White House, it appears no third-party candidates will be invited to take part in the first presidential debate next month. The debates are organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which is controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties. Under the commission’s rules, candidates will only be invited if they are polling at 15 percent in five national surveys. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein have both witnessed recent surges in support, but neither have crossed the 15 percent threshold. More than 12,000 people have signed a petition organized by RootsAction calling for a four-way presidential debate. We speak to Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein. Four years ago she was arrested outside a presidential debate protesting her exclusion from the event.

Watch the video or read the transcript.

Retain Campaign: Death penalty costs Nebraskans millions

From the Lincoln Journal Star:

Nebraskans would save $14.6 million a year by replacing the death penalty with a sentence of life imprisonment, according to an economic study prepared for opponents of a referendum to restore capital punishment in the state.

The study written by Creighton University economist Ernie Goss was released Monday at a news conference in Lincoln.

The results, Goss said, surprised him and have caused him to reconsider his own personal position on the issue, prompting him to “lean toward voting to retain” the pending law to repeal the death penalty.

A referendum vote on the issue is scheduled for the November general election.

The results of the study by Goss and Associates Economic Solutions will be the focus of a new TV ad campaign to be launched later this month by Retain a Just Nebraska, the organization formed to oppose the referendum to restore the death penalty in the state.

The Legislature abolished the death penalty in 2015, overriding a veto by Gov. Pete Ricketts, but implementation of the new law was halted by a successful petition drive to submit the issue to the voters.

Read the full story.

Ballot access update: 7,600+ signatures submitted


Thousands of signatures submitted for placing Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein on Nebraska’s ballot

Lincoln, Nebraska – August 3, 2016

As the U.S. Green Party gathers in Houston, Texas, for its presidential nominating convention, the Nebraska Green Party took a major step toward placing presumptive nominee Dr. Jill Stein on Nebraska’s ballot this November.

On Aug. 1, Nebraska Greens submitted 7,656 signatures to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office seeking ballot access for Dr. Stein. The petition seeks to place her on the Nebraska ballot as a nonpartisan candidate, a measure requiring 2,500 signatures.

“We are excited that Nebraska voters may soon have another choice – a progressive choice – for president this November,” said Mark Zimmermann, Treasurer of the Nebraska Green Party. “We encourage people who had hoped to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders to consider Dr. Jill Stein. Her proposals and Bernie’s have a lot in common.”

The Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office will now review the signatures to verify that signers are registered to vote in Nebraska and that they signed forms for their county of residence. The process is expected to take until Aug. 10. While it’s common for a significant number of signatures to be invalidated, Green Party organizers are confident that they have collected far more than necessary to qualify Stein for the fall ballot. Aug. 1 was the filing deadline for the petition.

Dr. Jill Stein is a practicing physician, a community organizer, mother, and environmental-health advocate. She is currently the U.S. Green Party’s presumptive nominee; her official nomination is anticipated at the party’s national convention, which begins this Thursday, Aug. 4, in Houston, Texas. Dr. Stein also ran as the Green candidate in 2012, earning more votes than any previous woman candidate for president.

Voters can learn more about Dr. Stein and her presidential campaign at www.jill2016.com.

The Nebraska Green Party organizes citizens in support of progressive causes and fights for broader access to the ballot. The party has fielded candidates in several elections, including in 2004 Steve Larrick (U.S. House District 1), Dante Salvatierra (District 2), and Roy Guisinger (District 3), in 2006 Doug Paterson for Secretary of State, and in 2008 Larrick for U.S. Senate.

Dr. Jill Stein, the U.S. Green Party, and the Nebraska Green Party are committed to 10 Key Values, centered on grassroots democracy, local decision-making, equality, environmental wisdom, and social justice. Voters can read more about the Nebraska Green Party and its values at www.nebraskagreens.org.

Nebraska Green Party Contact Information:

  • Mark Zimmermann, markalanzimmermann at gmail.com
  • Steve Larrick slarrick1 at msn.com

A Better Choice for President

From longtime Nebraska Greens member Mj Berry, writing in the Lincoln Journal Star:

Thank you Andrew Whitney, for the July 20 letter, “American ‘Sophie’s Choice'” pointing out that, like Sophie, “America has been given a terrible choice” in the 2016 presidential election. The corporate political parties have offered up “a lying deceptive manipulator” and “a potential tyrant.” He says “We need a better choice.”

Dr. Jill Stein is that better choice. From the Jill2016.com website, “It’s time to build a people’s movement to end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes; it’s not in our dreams — it’s in our hands.” Dr. Stein’s Green New Deal addresses how to create this better world.

The old politics of fear has dominated our broken system long enough. The new way forward is the politics of courage. It puts “people, planet and peace over profit.” The Green Party takes no corporate money. Dr. Stein’s campaign is people-powered. The Green Party is no longer the alternative, it is now the imperative.

Nebraska Green Party is gathering signatures on petitions for a Jill Stein ballot line, which will offer a choice of voting for the next president instead of against either of two “terrible” choices. The deadline for submitting petitions is August 1. As professor Cornel West said in a July 18 Democracy Now! interview, “The next step is a Green step.” The interview concluded with Professor West saying, “love is at the center of how we proceed.”

Ballot access update for Nebraska

The national Green Party effort for Jill Stein has moved to Plan B in Nebraska. When it became clear we could not secure the 6,000 or more signatures, we shifted to ballot access for Jill “by nomination” as an Independent. It will not give us a Green Party ballot line, but it will allow Nebraskans to select Jill and vote *for* a people-powered campaign.

A signature-gathering team is coming together, and we could use your help. You can download and print the new petition yourself. Just be sure that the VOLUNTEER CIRCULATOR line is red when printed out, per the instructions. Collect signatures and help give Nebraskans a better option in November.

We have a budget if you’d like to get paid per signature for the number you collect, but that requires using a different “paid circulator” petition, which we can provide if you are interested. Petitions are still county-specific, meaning that all signatures on one form must be residents of the same county. To become a paid circulator, get petitions, and get started in collecting signatures, contact Jen at (309) 558-5806 right away.

The deadline for submitting signatures is Aug. 1. Don’t delay!

Thanks in advance for helping the candidacy of Dr. Jill Stein in Nebraska.

Sign the petition in support of Recycle Lincoln!

From Nebraskans For Peace:

Please join us in doubling Lincoln’s recycling. We are working with the League of Conservation Voters in circulating this petition to the Lincoln City Council. The proposal is intended to increase recycling opportunities for citizens, expand the local economy, reduce the need for expensive landfill expansion, and grow a sustainable future for ourselves and our children.

Read more and sign the petition through Change.org.


From violence to healing: Journey of Hope events planned statewide

From Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty:

The Journey of Hope Tour is Coming!

This week NADP has been hard at work with our partners to coordinate a series of events that we are very excited about: The Nebraska of Journey of Hope Speaking Tour. An amazing group of speakers who have been immediately affected by the death penalty will travel all throughout the state to share their stories of moving from violence to healing. Their experiences illustrate the critical need to keep the death penalty out of Nebraska permanently. We hope to see you at an event near you!

Check the schedule for an event near you this July.

Attend the Green Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston

From Jill2016.com:

Jill Stein supporters from around the country will be in Houston August 4-7 for the Green Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention — and you’re invited!

This may just be the most exciting national Green Party meeting ever, with Jill Stein climbing in the polls and record numbers of Americans demanding a better choice than what the establishment parties are offering. If you want to get involved in the surging national movement for an America that works for all of us, Houston is the place to be!

One of the highlights of the convention will be the Party for the Revolution on Saturday, August 6, where Jill will kick off the final phase of her game-changing presidential campaign. There will be great music, inspiring speeches, and a chance to get to know Jill’s Vice-Presidential running mate.

Before that, starting on Thursday, August 4, the Green Party will host workshops and presentations on all aspects of the exploding movement for independent progressive politics.

Staff from the Stein campaign will be on hand to lead a number of workshops on the techniques and strategies that are being used in 2016 to fight for people, planet and peace over profit. There will also be a set of hands-on workshops on Sunday morning to help you plug in to the action and take the revolution back to your home state. Don’t miss what’s sure to be an unforgettable and historic gathering of revolutionaries in the fight for a better future.

It’s in our hands!

Read more about the agenda in Houston and register to attend.